House Conversions

July 8, 2014 By Rob 0

House Conversions are a good way of adding more space to living areas by making the most of areas of the house that are under used, such as the loft or garage.

Most garages and lofts remain unused or simply stuffed full of junk that never even gets sorted through. A professional conversion will not only free up this valuable space, but will also add extra value to your property.  Its an excellent way to increase your living space by up to 30% and the value of your home by up to a fifth!

House conversions Surrey

The cost of the conversion will depend on a number of factors including the conversion type, the rooms you would like in the conversion and the exterior building materials, always taking into account that the very essence of converting is to keep the building’s existing characteristics and individual features.  This means working with, rather than against, the existing building to create a beautiful and unique space that works perfectly with your lifestyle and families’ needs.

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